Why? Do I really have the time…or anything to say?

Here I go, starting my blog. Yes…another mommy blogger. I do not have all the answers. I do not even know all the questions. I do know that I love my family and try to do best by them, and myself. I have learned a lot along the way. Sometimes kicking and screaming. Sometimes swallowing my pride and my words. I have learned compromise, trust and too be more flexible. This blog is for me. To get my thoughts out into the world. To show my vulnerability. To show grace and forgiveness for myself and for others. We live a life that is anything but conventional but we aren’t that radical, at least I don’t think we are.  So follow if you would like. Or don’t. The world has many words, many ideas and many ways to live joyfully.

Go forth and be JOYFUL!



  1. I noticed you are following my blog and I wanted to find out more… I hope you enjoy the blogging journey. It can be a bit tricky finding out the right balance and how much time investment works for your life. I’ll check back again soon!

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