Been awhile

It’s been awhile since I posted on this blog. Partly because my life has been a little chaotic, partly because I don’t really know what I want to say.

Our office has been going through some changes. We are installing new software, using new computers and replacing office staff. And of course, doing all that at once only invites chaos. But things are needing a change so why not just jump into the deep end ofishingf the pool.

On the home front, the “school year” is coming to a close. While it doesn’t really mean much of a change in our daily lives, it does signify another year of change for many. It is hard not to compare what my child has “learned” with what the schooled child, of similar age, has been taught over the year. I still have a hard time letting go of the standards and expectations. But, it is getting easier to see the things my kids  have learned. Some to much of my surprise. My oldest could probably hold his own as an entomologist. He can identify and classify with the best of them. His typing speed is close to surpassing my own as well. He is having fun and learning all the time. As are the younger two. I just have to participate, listen and watch.

Some of the things we have done this past week are immeasurably educational and fun. My boys were immersed in learning about hydro-electricity, history, sustainability, engineering marvels, social stewardship, biology and nature, navigation and so much more. And what did that look like? Camping, traveling and visiting The Grand Coulee Dam.

Sometimes I think that our chaotic life does not allow for the level of learning that I would like to see…but judging from my sonyurt working on his annual assessment, I think I can start letting go of that perception and start enjoying the ride. Some days I don’t exactly know how they continue to be so inquisitive, how they learn so, so much. Hopefully some day soon I will get over the idea that teaching comes from inside out and truly, 100%, trust. I mean how many times do my kids have to show me this reality before I really do?


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