Another Kind of Date Night

Yesterday I had a great date night. It was filled with lively conversation and a good meal. These dates don’t come along nearly enough. Especially since this was a date with my best friend. Another busy mom trying to be the perfect parent but falling short, as we all do. Don’t get me wrong, she is an amazing parent, the kind that if I had to choose someone to raise my kids she would be at the top of the list, no doubt. Even though we do some things different, she would be the one I would trust my children with.  She is as close to the perfect parent that you can get, in my opinion. Yet, just like me, she struggles with making decisions for her family. She struggles with worry.

Alice Boughton  "Two Women Under a Tree"

Alice Boughton
“Two Women Under a Tree”

She feels guilt for the infrequent moments that she does lose her patience.

One thing that I realized from my mommy date night out is that the world is filled with great parents. But not once have I met someone who is perfect. We see highlight roles of lives on Instagram and Facebook. We don’t see the trenches. We see smiling faces and epic days. But we don’t see the struggles, the tears or the challenges. That is what makes mommy date nights so important. Not only the time to reflect, think and have deep conversations but to have connections, empathy and love. To share ideas, to encourage and to support. To give us the boost we need to know that we are doing a great job, if not perfect.

Go now, make a date night, another kind of date night.



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