Socialization of homeschooled kids…

In my sons first 10 years of life he will have witnessed birth and death, sorrow and happiness. He will have talked with people of all ages from infants to elderly. He has helped little old ladies find their rooms at nursing homes and chased after little kids on the play set. He will have chatted with kids from all over the globe, including Australia, Engthe huntland, Canada and all over the USA. He will have traveled to foreign countries and had conversations with people from France, Venezuela, Mexico and Chile (and probably more that I don’t even know). He will have communicated with people who don’t even speak English. Not by using a foreign language, but by using whatever communication they can to get the point across. He will have participated in soccer, baseball, swimming, bowling, 4-H and other extra curricular activities. He will have downhill skied, rode horseback, hunted and fished. And fishing on our local river offers plenty of interesting “socialization”.  He will have gone to national conferences and local libraries. He will have eaten at restaurants, attended play groups, spent time with his family. He will have spent countless hours with his grandfather who will have taken him to hundreds of yard sales where he has learned to barter and what is a good deal (and what is over priced). He will have had sales of his own at our office and spoken to customers while trying to sell his goods. He will have asked questions in stores and answered questions for people. He will have played with kids his own age as well as 3 or 4 yeIMG_1476 (2)ars younger, or older.

No he has not sat at desk for hours on end. He has not been in the same room with the same kids, his same age for months on end. He will not have had a teacher tell him what he needs to know, when he needs to know it and how it needs to be known. He has not had the same schedule as 25 other kids, his same age, with varying interests and gifts.

So I am perplexed with the idea of proper socialization. If you have any insight on how being in public school better socializes a human being than being a participant in life, please shed some light. Because I don’t know how this question gets asked over, and over, and over, otherwise.


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