Finding Me Again

It’s been over 11 years that I have dedicated my life and my body to my kids, my work and to others. It wasn’t that I was unhappy, well maybe a little, filling these roles and serving others but I was feeling a little empty, a little lost.

I was trying to fit in with others views of what I should be, I was trying to please everyone and I was trying to be perfect. Over the past year I started to realize how this urge to please and to be perfect was stifling my joy and stifling my effectiveness to be those things I really wanted to be. To be happy, joyful, engaged and fulfilled.

So enter the people and events to change my life.

It is no coincidence that once I started to really question who I was and what I wanted out of life, the universe provided me with amble guides and leaders. I found people, books and videos that led me in the direction of self love, self acceptance and self guidance. And I realized I was missing out on so much joy by trying to hide myself.

As Mother’s Day approaches this year I am in an entirely different place than last. And shouldn’t we all be? If we are doing the same things, feeling the same way and getting the same results (good or bad) isn’t that sucking the fun and adventure out of life? This year I am taking time for the things I have ignored for 11 years. I am getting involved, I am taking risks and am doing and achieving. Not because things are perfect, far from it. But because things are good enough. I am good enough.

Letting go and being good enough. Love it or leave it. Love me or leave me. I am done trying to be perfect for everyone. It’s time for me the perfect, imperfect, me.

Happy Mother’s Day! Go out and find YOU!


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