Ruby, In Her Own Time…

When my first born son was little we had a book that we read frequently. The title was “Rrubyuby, In Her Own Time”. It is an adorable story about a family of ducks. The brothers and sisters all reached their milestones and did things first. And Ruby, lagging behind, was the last to do the task. Fortunately the wise Mother duck did not worry and when father asked, “Will Ruby EVER ______ (fill in the blank)”? Mother duck assured him that “She will, in her own time.”

Sometimes it is a challenge to wait for my children to do things, in their own time. Whether that was reading, writing, math concepts, drawing, discovering their inner creativity or skiing.

My oldest child just 11800332_10153606460477932_3918081606803166923_nturned 11 years old. He was a “Ruby” in many ways. He started reading, in his own time, he started coloring and drawing and discovering his inner creativity, in his own time. And this year he started skiing and kneeboarding, in his own time.

The thing I have noticed about this is that when he was ready, it was easy. He went from 0 to11855886_10153606470947932_1545266049481384756_n 100 in no time flat. This summer he got up on his kneeboard and the next day he was doing tricks. 360’s, jumping and wanting to learn to do more. All because he did it, in his own time.

There were other things that he did a lot earlier than expected. He got interested in WWI and WWII far before his same age counterparts. He learned all kinds of cool facts about all kinds of animals, birds and insects. He also dived into learning about stones and rocks.

He is still young, he still has a lot of learning and growing to do. I still have to have faith and confidence that, just like Ruby, at the end of it all he will fly away with confidence and grace. So far he has proven my fears are unfounded.


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