Embracing My Mid-Life Crisis.

It seems when you are approaching the big 4-0 and you take on new adventures people often ask if you are having a mid-life crisis. At least that is what I have heard the past couple of weeks. You see I started running about 6 months ago, crossfitting 4 months ago and training for a triathlon, on a whim, about 3 weeks ago. Now that I will be entering a new decade but the end of the year I realize why this age, or about, experiences the so called, mid-life crisis. And I am 100% entirely excited. Here is why.

1) I have time to start taking care of myself. The constant diaper changes and multiple night feedings are coming to a close. I am still occasionally nursing my youngest but he is now out of diapers and I can actually leave the house for more than 10 minutes. FREEDOM!

2) We finally have some actual money in the bank. So why not do something fun? We are 15 years into our career and have a few pennies to rub together. Plus I don’t have to buy any more cloth diapers, baby carriers or strollers since I have a good stock pile now.

3) I am starting to actually realize that taking care of myself, mentally and physically also helps to take care of my family. They see me learning new things, struggling and overcoming. They see me active and happy. They see me doing something for myself…and not feeling guilty about it.

4) I am letting go of guilt and judgement. What good mom spends so much time exercising? This one.

5) My butt looks the best it has in YEARS! All that running, crossfit, yoga, biking and swimming is paying off…hey, just because you reach, cough cough, 40 doesn’t mean you don’t want to have a nice derriere. And as a bonus, the husband enjoys it too. Wink wink.

So if you are reaching that mid-life crisis stage…whatever age that is for you. Embrace it. Buy the corvette because you finally have time to drive it, the money to put gas in it and celebrate that you don’t need to fit 3 car seats in it. And by the way, we bought our corvette when I was 27 so…

Start embracing your time! Rediscover what makes you feel alive and, hopefully, will keep you alive and healthy longer.

I plan on having many, many years of mid-life crisis events. Because if you are not, what fun is that?


Mother’s Day when training for a triathlon and having 4 boys in the family…

1) Food! Everyone needs to eat. This involves children needing food plated and cut. Also holding squirmy 3 year old who has recently found his loud voice…in a room full of people.

2) 22+ mile bike ride. My husband and I got some “alone” time on the bikes. He showed me how much he loved me by “breaking wind” for almost 2 hours…He makes a great wind blocker. 😉

3) More food! Shopping for and cooking for boys and hungry mommy…again.

4) Paddle boarding half the length of Big Lake with my 6 year old. Yes he paddled the entire length all by himself. My toes were frozen but…he REALLY wanted to paddle board.

5) Home with 2/3 kids wiped out and sleeping. Got to spend some time with my oldest talking and giving him some uninterrupted attention. He loves his “alone” time with mom and dad. 🙂

And of course I do not have one photo as bike riding and paddle boarding are tough to take photos of. It was a fun and adventurous Mother’s Day again this year. And I wouldn’t change a thing. Well maybe I would have liked to have someone do the shopping and cooking…